Tuesday, January 7, 2014

how cold was it?

Something like two below zero and windchills to 18 below- before riding into the wind today. Ridden a few times already this year, but today takes the frozen ice cream cake as coldest ride this season.  And I've got it pretty good, the lake keeps it warmer here than say, Minneapolis. A big, moderating heat sink  until it freezes over, which it's doing pretty quick. Harbor is frozen, the big lake is still wide open. i could see some rollers out on the horizon, people are still out surfing.

the clothing choice for today -

Well, that's from last year's polar vortex, and i was feeling pretty lazy today so didn't bother taking a photo today since the look was near identiical and the only aging that might be discerned would be the fading of the hat.

 I read somewhere on the internet that taking photos interfere with the formation of memories- i'm not sure how that works once memory loss sets in, but by that time i figure i will have already lost the photos so it's going to be a wash. 

 The ride today, in shrinkingly cold weather today, actually turned into a recreational ride of sorts, with my textbooks for the upcoming semester in the panniers and me having a great time taking an extra lap by the beach while my eyelids froze in place. I contemplated deploying the goggles mid-ride, but have an aversion to the 'captain spaceman' effect they have anyone but someone on skis - not that this look is any better.

Try it, you'll like it. As a side note, i am scheduled to give a winter commuter cycling class up in Houghton this winter, got some great riding tips  for people to try out.

 Stay warm - remember, there's no bad weather, just bad clothing, but if you've ever wondered if riding into the wind when the windchill is 20 below feels any cold, the answer is HECK YES.

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