Thursday, April 8, 2010

Neighborhoods and residents on a street that block transportation planning for bicyclists should be required to pay for ALL street upkeep and repaving in front of their properties. 

Blocking a regional transportation plan for bicyclists should remove these people's streets from any subsidy in transportation infrastructure. Similar to how federal road money is often tied to some federal directive (no federal highway funds if states didn't cooperate with the federal speed limit, for example) a group of NIMBYs should also receive no subsidy for their local transportation infrastructure if they block regional transportation planning and infrastructure that supports bicycling.

a group of neighbors that got toghter to remove a bikelane should also receive no subsidy to maintain or repave their road. Their streets need paving, sweeping, patching, etc, they foot the entire bill, taxed annually for it, for blocking developing regional transportation infrastructure. of course, blocking implementation and removing 'passing facilities' :rolleyes: is music to the ears of some bicycling 'advocates'; i can't expect unbiased opinions about bike infrastructure from well disguised southeast 'bicycle driving' obstructionists for instance.

'bicycling advocates' that value NIMBY parking issues and local trash collection rituals over planning for bikes in the transportation mix really leave me wondering. Local NIMBY obstructionists that fight planning and implementation of bikeways should foot the entire bill for their local street maintenance, similar to how federal highway funds are withheld if states fail to meet federal transportation directives.  

Screw NIMBYs and their local 'can't put a bikelane HERE' - Theres several similar local 'parking/bikelane?' issues brewing around Seattle and the country. the religious based opposition to a bikelane thru a hassid neighborhood in NYC springs to mind. make the locals pay fully for ALL street upkeep.

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